Working as a Consultant for IR Search

If you want to quickly gain varied work experience, or will you not want to be pinned down to one lane but have some security, working as a consultant of IR Search can be an interesting option. Through the years hundreds of Engineers, HR Managers and Financial Managers have worked as a consultant for IR Search.

How does contracting work?
If you work on contacting/secondment, you often get a short or long period leased to a client. This is usually dependent on the duration of the project you are working on and the nature of your work. The agency can be your formal employer, but you can also work as an independent contractor. Your actual work will be with the clients. Secondment is common in engineering, IT and finance.
Working on secondment can be a great start to your career if you:
– want to quickly gain varied experience with different clients, or
– If you not yet want to capture on the direction you go, or
– you would like to regularly do other work or want to change environment.

Interim Management
Interim management is like secondment but as the term says ‘management’.
The advantage of Interim Management to an organization is that you can directly have a manager who not only has relevant experience but who also has specific knowledge. He can start his own projects but is also able to coach and train his people. And last but not least, because of his objectivity, he is able to realize implementations.
Our interim managers are specialized in:
– All-round Management
– Project Management
– Process Management
– Change Management

When does an interim manager get hired via IR- Search?
Interim Managers will be hired if the situation at a company asks for a temporary solution for:
– Management of a project;
– Expertise support to gain new competences;
– To fill in for managers who are temporarily absent.

The Interim Manager of IR Search has the following:
– A proven presentable track record with a minimal of 10 years of experience in the correct area of expertise
– Areas of Line-, Project- and Expertise Management
– Academic level and suitable qualifications for the following competences
– A reference check by previous customers.
– A proven top performance by temporary assignments.

For further information please contact us at our office in Nijmegen.
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